Assembly : Jin Sang Pil and Jin Joo Hee For Your First September

Such a cute girl ^ ^

Hello Guys and Happy September. Have you make a wish for your 1st september?? I’m still not. But I watch TV and many romance movie on TV playlist in this month . So I think I must share something cute and lovely for the first september. Here we go, daughter father relationship in KBS2 Assembly 😀

Assemblyman, why so cute??

Whoa, a good wallpaper for your mobile

Both look similiar, really like father and daughter. Good casting good job ^ ^

I love Jin Joo Hee, how this cute girl love her parents even they want a divorce. Both support her mother who so annoying me in episode 13 and support her father JSP! Akh I love the way Jin Joo Hee fallin love with Kim Gyu Hwan, that’s why Kim Gyu Hwan is an 2PM Member.

Enjoy your september like no tomorrow in your life and don’t dying again. Keep lovely and sorry for wrong English, I’m a bit “drunk” 😀


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